At Bala Cove Marina we rent a variety of boats as well as other recreational items. We also offer cottage rental.

Contact us today for more information or to book a rental.


Please note our rental terms:

*All rentals charges include use of equipment and liability insurance only. Gas,oil, applicable taxes extra.

*Renter must agree to pay all costs and expenses for repairs and servicing of the equipment required as a result of the renter’s use.

*A damage deposit of $3000.00 is required for the Stingray and $1,500.00 for all other boats at the time of rental.

*Reservation fees are required for advanced booking. Usually at 50% of rental charge.

*Reservation fees are non-refundable under any circumstances except for when the requested equipment is unavailable.

*Bala Cove Marina reserves the right to terminate a reservation or a rental agreement if the requested equipment is unavailable without notice.

*Should rental unit experience mechanical failure, Bala Cove Marina reserves the right to substitute or issue rain check for time remaining since failure is reported.

*Renter agrees to the above conditions and understands that rental charges are not refundable and that the rented equipment is used at the renters own risks.